This Company Makes Cardboard Tanks, Planes and Houses For Cats, and Your Cat Needs Them Right Meow!

SUCK UK creates unique gifts, accessories, and items for the home, including super fun toys for our furry friends, Bored Panda reports.

From planes to Cadillacs to scratch laptops to DJ decks to fire engines – they create them all and more.

But what got everyone’s attention the most was their cardboard tank house, which is, unfortunately, unavailable to purchase right now.

But luckily, there are other cool things to choose from. Keep in mind, though, you will have to assemble the parts on your own (full instruction included). See all the kitty friendly creations below or buy them on Amazon.

1. Tank house:


2. Airplane house:


3. Fire engine house:


4. Scratching desk:


5. Scratching laptop:


6. Catillac house:


7. Kitty teepee:

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