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Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is an expensive holiday for most people. And, it's very hard for couples and spouses to save money for gifts and celebration.
Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Valentines Day Gifts

According to the US National Retail Federation (NRF), expected sales for Valentine’s Day this year are expected to be over $19.7 billion, which is $1.1 billion more than last year.

So, how can couples have any chance to save money on Valentine’s Day this year? The simple answer is that you have to get a little creative. You have to think outside of the standard roses and box of chocolates.

Here are ten ways that you can have a wonderful time and still save money on Valentine’s Day gifts:

1. Save Money On Flowers

Shop Online Online retailers like 1-800-Flowers, FTD, and ProFlowers give you the chance to shop and compare bouquets, prices, and a variety of different types of flowers.

Use a Coupon It may be harder to find a coupon or deal when shopping local, but if you’re shopping online, coupons are plentiful. You can find 20% off with an FTD coupon, a ProFlowers Coupon, or 25% off early Valentine’s Day orders from 1-800-Flowers.com.

Buy Early – Offers.com recommends placing your flower order on or before January 31 to take advantage of the early bird discounts many flower retailers are offering. You can find discounts as much as 30% off but only if you hurry in most cases.

Choose a Different Delivery Day – You can save a few dollars by having flowers delivered to your sweetheart a few days before Valentine’s Day. Or, you can have the flowers delivered to you a few days before the holiday and then hand them yourself in person. Not only will this save you a few dollars, but you’ll be able to see the excitement on your sweetheart’s face when you hand deliver them.

Skip the Vase The vase can be a significant portion of the cost for flowers. It is a perfect place for many florists to upcharge you. You see this happening both online and in person. You may also just want to skip using a vase altogether and use a one that you have at home. Vases can cost as much as $20 or more, and the chances are good that you have a spare vase lying around the house. Reusing or regifting a vase from home will show off the floral arrangement just as good as the vase the florist tries to sell you.

Skip The Roses Altogether and Choose From the 10 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers:

  1. Rose
  2. Peony
  3. Orchid
  4. Lily
  5. Sunflower
  6. Tulip
  7. Daisy
  8. Iris
  9. Hydrangea
  10. Violet

2. Shop Together For What You Really Want

You should keep a note as to what she likes while we are out together and buy that instead. Then you have the potential to watch that item and get it at some point throughout the year when it goes on sale.

3. Make A Meal At Home


Restaurants are always so crowded on Valentine’s Day. So one way that you can save money on Valentine’s Day is to stay at home and make a nice romantic meal there. There are great recipes from sites like Food.comEpicuriousAllRecipes.com, and the Food Network.

4. Celebrate On An Alternative Day

If you cannot afford to go out on February 14th, another great way to save money on Valentine’s Day is to choose an alternate day. It will not only be cheaper, but it will be less crowded even if you pick one or two days to the left or right on the calendar to celebrate.

5. Set A Spending Limit

You should have a frank and honest discussion with your loved one before on how much you are going to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts and food for the special day. Setting the limit and expectations before can help you managed the day and save your wallet too.

6. Skip The Holiday Altogether

This will hit home with everyone who is heartbroken and bummed out during this time of year. But, there is nothing wrong with couples and married folks simply skipping this particular holiday in favor of saving money.

7. Homemade Gifts

You can use Pinterest to search for ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. You can find great simple, cheap homemade gift ideas that you can make yourself.

8. Homemade Paper Gift Cards

One way to save money on Valentine’s Day is to pretend that you’re in elementary school again and give your loved one a gift card. But, I’m not recommending you give any old gift card.

9. Plan Ahead For Gifts

I watch what my wife and children notice, talk about, and like throughout the year while we are shopping. Then, I write it down and eventually buy it and surprise them with the gift months later.

Not only does this allow me to get a gift that they wanted but weren’t necessarily expecting, but it also allows me to time my purchases throughout the year when my budget can support it. I can also look for sales using this “wait and see” method of gift buying.

10. Honorable Mention – Use Credit Card Reward Points

My wife loves to use our American Express card and its reward points to give gifts throughout the year. Using your reward points to buy Valentines Day gifts is a great way to save money on Valentines Day.


You do not have to get fancy to have a good gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. The best Valentines Day gifts when you are trying to save money on Valentine’s Day come from the heart, are typically handmade and are thoughtful. They can be simple and still get your meaning across.