Why the new year starts with a flurry of divorces

Why the new year starts with a flurry of divorces

Divorce statistics bear out the truth, according to James McLaren, president of The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. He says attorneys see a significant increase in the number of people seeking divorce advice as the new year starts, NJ101.5 reports.

And it is not just in the United States. A survey in Britain found divorces up 27 percent in January. And statistics published by eDivorcePapers.com shows the month of January leads the calendar for legal splits.

New Jersey family law and divorce attorney Bari Weinberger’s office sees a huge increase in January that often carries over into February, she said.

“Seeing the calendar turn over to 2017 can be a motivation for them to make a new year’s resolution,” she said.

According to Weinberger, there are five main reasons why January and February are such hot months for couples to leave each other cold:

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