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Do Vegetarians Really Live Longer Avoiding Meat?

It can be observed that many people are under the assumption that becoming vegetarian could lead to a longer life.
Do Vegetarians Really Live Longer Avoiding Meat?

A study has proven that though vegetarians may live longer, it has nothing to do with the fact that they avoid meat while living, Joinfo.com reports with reference to iTechPost.

Recent Study Suggests That Vegetarianism Does Not Conclude To Lower Risks Of Early Death Than Non-Vegetarians

Vegetarians have been known to be such by choice, all for a variety of reasons. One of which is being careful with their health, claiming that they chose to be vegetarian in order to live longer and healthier. Thus, in line with this, previous studies have concluded that vegetarians have 12 percent lower chances in death of all causes compared to those who are non-vegetarians. However, further studies conducted that there is no statistical difference in between vegetarians and non-vegetarians when it comes to dying at a later age. Needless to stay, vegetarians don’t necessarily have lower risk of an early death compared to those who eat meat.

It can also be recalled that eating only vegetables is not as healthy as it seems. Based on the food pyramid, the human body needs the nutrients from all types of food in order to stay healthy. Thus, avoiding meat does not necessarily mean that you have a chance at a longer life since the body needs all the kinds of nutrients to survive for a long time. There are characteristics in being a vegetarian that could help in getting a healthier lifestyle. Consumption of vegetables or otherwise known in the food pyramid as “glow” foods is necessary, no smoking, no to obesity, drinking excessively and the like.

Many Other Health Factors Contribute In Lowering Risk Of Early Death

Vegetarianism comes with many more factors in order to say that they can live longer, but here must be a proper balance to things. However, most vegetarians are health-conscious, which has prompted to the assumption that they have lower risks at death. Nevertheless, there are many other healthy factors that could contribute to a healthy lifestyle that does not construed solely on eating vegetables only for the rest of one’s life.

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