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Today’s Horoscope for February 27th, 2017

Today's daily horoscope for all Zodiac Signs for 27 February 2017. Today, jovial Jupiter's presence gives us hope while macho Mars brings a we-can-do-anything attitude
Today’s Horoscope for February 27th, 2017

Today Leos should avoid financial risks and Virgos shouldn’t don’t take every little thing personally.

Moon is in Pisces, moving to Aries

04:25: Moon (Pisces) Sextile Pluto (Capricorn)

The sextile between the moon and Pluto let arise rich sentiments. We are adventurous and venturesome. Awakening of increased interest in travelling…

 09:24: Mars (Aries) Opposition Jupiter (Libra)

This opposition could make you harsh and short – however, luxurious and extravagant, but attached to material things. You have the tendency to (re-)act short tempered and perhaps your action might be too hasty. Sometimes you should better think twice – when rules and regulation are the topic in daily life, you could actually look for trouble with regard to each field.

Period: approximately 2 days.

 18:07: Moon (Pisces) Square Saturn (Sagittarius)

Obstacles and restraint could appear – combined with melancholy and unhappiness. Regarding relationship you might be no good choice at the moment…

 23:51: Moon → Aries

When the moon stays in the sign of Aries you feel highly energetic and confident. Spontaneity and taking decisions are on the move. For persons of this kind it would be easier compared to broody ones. You may be inspired and use your keen mind. Self-assertion for new projects is available. It represents the perfect moment to make a smart move.

Common Today’s daily horoscope

Although it should feel like the cosmic flood is over, action-hero Mars opposes overblown Jupiter, instilling us with the sense that something major is still unfolding. On one hand, jovial Jupiter’s presence gives us hope while macho Mars brings a we-can-do-anything attitude. Nevertheless, the spacey Pisces Moon squares strict Saturn to remind us of our limitations. The Moon blasts into proactive Aries at 11:51 pm EST, reinforcing our positivity.

Daily horoscope for all zodiac signs. It’s your horoscope for today 27 February 2017

Aries Daily Horoscope

You may feel a real need to get moving today, Aries. Almost everyone prefers quiet activities, books, art, and even just sitting around to physical activity at times. But your health can suffer if you aren’t active, Fresh air, exercise, and sunshine are vital to your well-being. Today don’t resist any urge to get up and do something active. Chances are you will really enjoy yourself.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Today, Taurus, you will probably have a ton of energy at your disposal for getting into all kinds of activities. Finish any work that still needs to be completed. Do some cleaning and organizing or see about getting out for a little warm weather fun. Whatever you choose, try to make sure it’s active. You will need a place for all that energy to go. Quiet sedentary pursuits won’t do it for you.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

This is an excellent day to express your natural creativity, Gemini. The arts will likely be very important to you. You may find that nothing brings you more pleasure on days like this. Consider putting this to good use by painting, sculpting, doing crafts, or whatever you like. You will find that engaging in creative activities with a focus on giving may be the perfect thing for you.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

If you’re feeling tired, Cancer, you may need to lie back, close your eyes, and listen to some soothing music. You work hard most of the time, so it can do your body and mind good to just relax and listen to your favorite music. Why not do this today? Even a few minutes will make a difference. You can always use the quiet time to plan if you have to feel you’ve accomplished something.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Today may bring up strong feelings, Leo. This may not be new, as you have a tendency to feel things deeply. But it may be a bit tough to find a way to express this. While you’re creative, finding the right activity to get you going isn’t always easy. Why not visit a bookstore and look for some appealing craft books or art materials? This might spark ideas for new ways to express yourself.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today, Virgo, consider that artistic expression can happen in many ways. It isn’t always about drawing a picture, singing a song, playing music, or acting. The way that you arrange your home or workspace is an artistic expression. So are how you dress and do your hair. Each thing you do is an expression of you and your choice of style. Being uniquely artistic is innate for you.

Libra Daily Horoscope

You may find that today brings great physical strength and energy to you, Libra. Given this, you may really want to do some tough, challenging physical work. This is certainly the day for it, so why not go for it? Do some yard work or clean out closets, cupboards, drawers, and filing cabinets. Consider donating items that you don’t use anymore or plan a garage sale to make some bucks.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio, it’s prime time to get busy. Activities that require focus or creativity will be supported. Physical strength and energy will encourage you to do something active. If you’ve felt sluggish, tired, or a little under the weather, today’s planetary aspect can put an end to that. Consider artistic projects that take strength, such as building something out of wood.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Your active side may show through today, Sagittarius. While you can be extremely focused on brainwork, you also love to keep active and do physical work. When you have a project like cleaning your home, you can be very fast and efficient when you want to. This is a good day to get a lot accomplished. Run around doing this and that. You will probably enjoy it very much and feel very satisfied afterward.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

If you’ve been feeling tired or sick lately, this will probably turn around for you, Capricorn. You may often experience moodiness, and this can be a real drain. Your emotional state can affect how your body feels. Be sure to take care of your feelings as well as your body. If there are things that need to be worked out, take care of them today. The two really do go together.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You will probably be very busy today, Aquarius, which may suit you just fine. This can work in your favor if you have some work to catch up on. Being active and getting things done will be natural for you. In fact, when you have to sit for too long, you probably feel restless or anxious. You fidget and squirm. If you find yourself doing this, go do something more active!

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Today, Pisces, your ability to stand up for your decisions and not let others sway you may be enhanced. This will be especially true if you’ve arrived at a resolution that solves a problem. Others may often try to change your decisions. Maybe this is because they succeed, but not today. The planetary aspects are working in your favor, and you will feel a new strength. Follow your own heart.

Birthday on February 27th:

Elizabeth Taylor, John Steinbeck, Josh Groban, Alfred Hrdlicka, Rudolf Steiner, Constantine the Great, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Lindsey Morgan, Rainhard Fendrich, Joanne Woodward, Plato, Adam Baldwin.

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