Five Foods You Need To Eat Every Day For Flatter Stomach

Five Foods You Need To Eat Every Day For Flatter Stomach

A flat stomach is something we all yearn for but something many of us struggle to achieve.

We all know that ditching alcohol and doing hundreds of sit-ups can help shift the weight around our middle but did you know there’s certain foods that will actually help you lose stomach fat?

From watermelon to miso soup and even wholewheat bread, here are the foods you should be eating every single day to ensure you have a toned stomach, according to Daily Mail Online.

Wholemeal bread

Dr Marilyn Glenville, author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar, www.marilynglenville.com, advises avoiding any foods that make your blood sugar rise quickly, because – as blood sugar drops again – your body releases adrenaline and cortisol to stabilise it once more and you end up caught in a catch 22 situation. She says you should swap to wholegrain alternatives that release energy slowly.

According to Marilyn, wholemeal bread contains four times as much fibre, more than three times as much zinc and almost twice as much iron as white bread. The carbohydrates in wholemeal break are broken slowly over several hours, like the coals in the fire, and so do not give any sudden flooding of sugars into the bloodstream.

Also this gradual release helps you to feel full for longer, suppressing your appetite and stopping you craving sweet foods because you are not on the blood sugar rollercoaster.


Legumes consist of amylose, which is a resistant starch, so called because it is resistant to stomach acid and digestive enzymes, it reaches the large intestine essentially intact. So it manages to escape digestion and absorption in the small intestine. It almost behaves like fibre, providing bulk for the bowel motion and fuel for the beneficial bacteria.

Globe artichokes

Clinical Nutritionist Suzie Sawyer says that while they may look a little strange, they really pack amazing health benefits, and are great for ‘beating the bloat’.

One of the active constituents of globe artichokes are the chlorogenic acids, which aid detoxification and stimulate bile production. This means great digestion and a flatter stomach.


This fruit is hailed ‘the ultimate’ when it comes to controlling the bloat. Not only is watermelon packed with antioxidant-boosting nutrients to stop the ageing process, but it’s a natural diuretic that’s also loaded with potassium to stop any water retention.


Unpasteurised miso, in particular, can be great for our digestive health, says Cassandra Barns, Nutritionist.

It’s a natural source of friendly bacteria, which plays many vital roles in gut health, including breaking down and absorbing nutrients and helping to keep the ‘bad’ bugs at bay.

For the greatest benefits, make sure you go for unpasteurised miso, as the pasteurised versions are heat-treated and will contain only minimal – if any – beneficial bacteria. And if you’re using unpasteurised, don’t heat your miso to high temperatures, for the same reason; add it to sauces or cooked foods at the end of cooking, or use it in dressings, dips or spreads.

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