Hilarious Photos of Cats Squeezing Themselves Into Boxes

Hilarious Photos of Cats Squeezing Themselves Into Boxes
It doesn't matter how big a cat is, they will manage to squeeze inside small boxes

It really doesn’t matter what size a cat is – the flexible felines still manage to squeeze themselves into seemingly impossible spaces. And these pictures, shared on Twitter by amused owners, show the great lengths their pets are prepared to go to in pursuit of a comfy spot to sleep, reports with reference to Daily Mail Online.

For these cats it seems a cardboard box, no matter how small, provides the perfect location for a nap.

Some of the moggies in these photos haven’t quite managed to squeeze their whole bodies in, while others, undeterred, have face-planted into boxes in a desperate attempt to fit.

3E42B77B00000578-4312742-It_might_be_a_bit_of_a_squeeze_but_this_cat_doesn_t_seem_to_mind-m-69_1489504349513 3E42B88D00000578-4312742-It_was_only_natural_that_once_the_Oatmeal_Squares_Snack_ems_had_-m-85_1489508301845 3E42B76700000578-4312742-A_box_might_be_just_big_enough_for_one_cat_but_it_won_t_stop_ano-m-82_1489508157179 3E42BC6300000578-4312742-This_is_fine_A_cat_appears_to_be_fine_with_the_fact_that_it_was_-m-76_1489504704576 3E42BC7700000578-4312742-Do_I_fit_in_here_A_cat_has_somehow_managed_to_ignore_the_size_of-m-73_1489504608872 3E42BD3B00000578-4312742-Rae_took_to_Twitter_to_post_this_picture_and_captioned_it_When_y-m-71_1489504460097 3E42BFC700000578-4312742-This_cat_seems_to_have_come_to_terms_and_made_peace_with_the_fac-m-80_1489507419610 3E42BFD100000578-4312742-Never_give_up_your_dreams_and_stop_believing_that_you_can_fit_in-m-75_1489504673122 3E42C3E400000578-4312742-It_really_doesn_t_matter_how_small_a_box_is_or_whether_it_might_-m-84_1489508238621 3E42C4E700000578-4312742-It_might_look_incredibly_uncomfortable_but_this_cat_manages_to_m-m-86_1489508378873

So why DO cats love boxes so much?

Scientists say they haven’t fully understood why our feline friends have an affinity for boxes, but they have a number of theories.

The most popular is that cats are instinctively drawn to boxes because they offer security and shelter from predators while they stalk their prey.

According to a report by Bryan Gardiner in Wired, veterinarian Claudia Vinke of Utrecht University in the Netherlands recently studied stress levels in shelter cats.

She discovered that cats who had boxes got used to their new surroundings faster than those who didn’t because the boxes acted as a coping mechanism.

Boxes also offer safe places for cats to take a nap. Felines can sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day, so seeking out a hidden place would help their chances of survival in the wild.

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3E42C6C300000578-4312742-This_ginger_cat_blends_in_well_with_the_orange_Halos_box_that_it-m-70_1489504407348 3E42C7A900000578-4312742-One_cat_managed_to_fit_perfectly_into_a_cardboard_box_but_they_m-m-83_1489508199964


3E42C15200000578-4312742-The_caption_for_this_photograph_read_When_you_re_trying_to_drink-m-78_1489507305909 3E42C40200000578-4312742-While_a_human_gets_a_book_delivered_a_cat_finds_a_brand_new_home-m-74_1489504644133 3E42C54000000578-4312742-Twitter_user_Lost_Monster_just_bought_winter_boots_which_are_a_s-m-72_1489504575520 3E42C78100000578-4312742-Boxes_might_always_look_uncomfy_due_to_their_lack_of_pillows_but-m-81_1489507887951

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