Benedict Cumberbatch names his second son after Shakespearean hero Hal – who close friend Tom Hiddleston played in BBC drama

Benedict Cumberbatch names his second son after Shakespearean hero Hal – who close friend Tom Hiddleston played in BBC drama

The actor’s wife, Sophie Hunter, 39, gave birth to their second son at the £1,200-a-night Portland Hospital in London on March 3. And in true thespian style, Cumberbatch named his boy after a Shakespearean hero, Joinfo.com reports with reference to Daily Mail.

Hal was the nickname Henry V had before he became the hero of Agincourt. But in choosing the name, Cumberbatch could also be acknowledging his affection for fellow screen star Tom Hiddleston.

The pair starred together in 2012 in The Hollow Crown, an amalgamation of Shakespeare’s history plays in which Cumberbatch played Richard III and Hiddleston took the role of Hal.

They have been close pals ever since meeting on the set of Steven Spielberg’s film War Horse in 2010.

‘We became friends for life,’ Hiddleston has said.

The baby’s full name is Hal Auden Cumberbatch, and is a brother to Christopher, who was born in June 2015.

Sophie and the Sherlock star, 40, welcomed their son Christopher in June 2015, just a few months after their Valentine’s Day wedding.

Benedict has previously said he hoped to add to his brood, joking he might ‘go for a (Cumber)batch of boys.’

In January, just two months after announcing their engagement, a spokesperson for Benedict confirmed Sophie’s pregnancy to MailOnline.

He said: ‘I am delighted to confirm that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are expecting their first child. They are both over the moon.’

Benedict had previously revealed in a number of interviews that he was extremely broody.

He told Event magazine in 2013: ‘I was happy as an only child, but I’ve always wanted to be part of a bigger family. I would love to have children.

‘I can’t wait to do an interview like this and just talk about my child.

In 2010, he told the Telegraph: ‘I am very broody. I have been broody for the last five years because I have two godchildren.

‘I know you pick up an amazing amount of stamina the minute you become a dad, but I would like to be a young dad. I would love to have the ability to juggle a career and have a young child.’

The star chose to announce his betrothal to Sophie with a £324 advertisement in The Times newspaper.

Benedict is believed to have flown to Edinburgh to ask her mother’s permission for her daughter’s hand in marriage before getting down on one knee.

Benedict and Oxford-educated Sophie, first met when starring opposite each other in Burlesque Fairytales in 2009, but only started dating in 2014.

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