Watch Gigi Hadid Plank Through an Entire Interview

Watch Gigi Hadid Plank Through an Entire Interview

The video (below) was created by Reebok as part of the brand’s #PerfectNever self-betterment movement under its overarching Be More Human campaign. As Hadid struggles to hold the endurance position, she’s grilled by her trainer, Gotham Gym’s Rob Piela, about topics like how to stay positive, her favorite empowering quotes, and how she feels after a good workout, Joinfo.com reports with reference to InStyle.

“What’s one thing you’d tell your younger self if you could?” Piela asks.

“Everything works itself out,” Hadid pants.

Peila continues: “What’s one quote that’s always stuck with you and makes you feel empowered?”

“My stepdad always told me that good is the enemy of great,” she replies. “That’s such an empowering thing because there’s always room to get better.”

Hadid goes on to reveal her three tips for staying positive: 1) call your mom, 2) eat some good food, and 3) go on a walk.

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