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Today’s Horoscope for May 3, 2017

Today's daily horoscope for all Zodiac Signs for 3 May 2017. We may appear to act with certainty today, but we don't have as much clarity as we think.
Today’s Horoscope for May 3, 2017

Today, Leos need more relaxation and Virgos career is in overdrive.

Moon is in Leo

02:58: Moon (Leo) Sextile Jupiter (Libra)

This represents a fine constellation for social and material success. It is shown a positive attitude towards life and you may enjoy popularity. Several projects could be realized – and further plans are created. The artistic side reflects optimism and attraction.

 12:32: Mercury -> direct motion

 19:17: Moon (Leo) Trine Mercury (Aries)

The trigon demands learning aptitude and wide awakened mind with talents for the arts. Quick wittedness and reasoning are focussed. You are in the affirmative to welcome improvement and alteration.

 20:50: Sun (Taurus) Sextile Neptune (Pisces)

The sextile between the sun and Neptune represents creativity and advanced knowledge. Mellifluously seductive music or an inspiring spell makes the world frank and filled with peace. Arts could represent the suitable outlet for such moods.

 21:41: Moon (Leo) Trine Uranus (Aries)

The trigon between the moon and Uranus gives high awareness, persuasiveness, ambitious structures in mind and genuineness. New paths are becoming explored; new methods are tested – On career level it comprised prosperous development.

Common Today’s daily horoscope

We may appear to act with certainty today, but we don’t have as much clarity as we think. The extroverted Leo Moon inspires us to broadcast our intentions with bravado. But a three-week review phase is over and we’re in for one more plot twist as trickster Mercury ends its retrograde phase. Meanwhile, an imaginative Sun-Neptune alignment amplifies our fantasies, encouraging us to follow our dreams, even if we can’t distinguish them from reality.

Daily horoscope for all zodiac signs. It’s your horoscope for today 3 May 2017

Aries Daily Horoscope

It’s time to get to work and put your recent ideas into motion. If you already have a concrete action plan in mind, don’t hesitate to execute it today. But be aware that you may need to make substantial modifications to your current strategy as the circumstances continue to change. New information multiplies your options after Mercury turns direct in your sign. Your flexibility will be rewarded, yet the slower you proceed the better, since your goals are more important now than your ideologies.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

It’s increasingly difficult to separate the real facts from the fake facts as yesterday’s truths become today’s fantasies. Nevertheless, talking about your desires opens the door to a wide range of experiences. Thankfully, mischievous Mercury starts to regain lost ground in your 12th House of Spiritual Mystery, encouraging you to uncover hidden aspects of your feelings and to explore your unacknowledged biases. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Your social universe may be recovering from a sudden barrage of information that altered the lens through which you view the world. Your unwavering optimism isn’t so bright that it blinds you, allowing you to see the possible pitfalls ahead. But don’t overcompensate and withdraw from your friends and associates because you’re afraid of what might happen now. In fact, you could use a trustworthy ally who is willing to offer you a second opinion today. Consider the potential in the problem rather than the problem with the opportunity.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Although unresolved tensions have been floating around at work for weeks, you might have an “aha!” moment today when all the pieces suddenly fall into place. But whatever you learn now is likely to be only one part of an unfinished story that’s still being told. Avoid jumping to conclusions while new data is still coming in or you may become the victim of inadvertently believing your own fantasies. Author Stieg Larsson writes that impulsive actions lead to trouble, “and trouble could have unpleasant consequences.”

Leo Daily Horoscope

You might have temporarily shelved big plans for self-improvement, but it’s now time to place them front and center. Perhaps you weren’t quite ready to make a commitment to a long-term educational goal because you were too busy to begin something new. Maybe a lack of funds required you to delay your enrollment. Thankfully, the waiting game is over. Review your blueprint for the future one more time before creating the structure for the next phase of your life. Danielle LaPorte wrote, “Use your dissatisfaction to start a personal revolution.”

Virgo Daily Horoscope

You’re not known for your reckless attitude, but you’re likely to surprise people now with your out-of-character behavior. Logic may play second fiddle to your emotions while you pursue intense feelings that are usually safely tucked away in the shadows. However, your key planet, Mercury, turns direct in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, encouraging you to listen to your heart. Detached intellectual thinking seems dry and uninteresting while there’s juicier and more pressing matters to be uncovered. Israeli model Bar Refaeli said, “Have the passion, take the action and magic will happen.”

Libra Daily Horoscope

You might not be able to believe what comes out of people’s mouths today. Honestly, it’s as if they’re not thinking before speaking. Although unpremeditated revelations can create an awkward situation now, it’s not as discomforting as being stuck with no one saying anything at all. Thankfully, common sense prevails; it’s obviously simpler to modify a thought that has been said than one that hasn’t.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You’re not interested in censoring your sharp wit that’s being fueled by your overactive imagination now. It’s as if you’re standing in the path of a fire hose that is streaming innovative ideas and unprocessed images. It’s at once exhilarating and overwhelming, making it a challenge to settle the tension in the emotional landscape. Nevertheless, others have the power to shine their lovelights so brightly that they are catalysts in your current changes. Neale Donald Walsch wrote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

A major breakthrough in your communication may be showier than productive. Clever Mercury turns direct in your 5th House of Self-Expression, prompting you to speak your truth, even if it’s an irrelevant one. Nevertheless, your brilliant repartee won’t likely improve on Einstein’s “E=mc2”, nor will you single-handedly resolve the world’s hunger problem. You’re still one person among eight billion and there’s only so much you can do at once. Gandhi said, “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You’re normally quite adept at balancing opposite forces in your life, however they play out. You apply the laws to the known situation and visualize the various outcomes based upon your choices. Nevertheless, you’re likely to disengage from personal and professional interactions now so you can focus on your spiritual practice. Your contemplative nature is your saving grace today, for you can explore every possible path while reserving your commitment until you’re ready. However, do not confuse the voice of ego with the voice of intuition.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You don’t understand why everyone else seems so certain about their actions while you’re wandering around lost in space. In fact, there’s so much busy noise now that you can’t even hear yourself think. There’s no peace and quiet to be found when loquacious Mercury turns direct in your 3rd House of Endless Chatter. Demonstrate your wisdom by pulling the plug on superfluous conversations and unnecessary interactions today. Silence speaks volumes when words have run their course.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

You have often wondered which personally held beliefs were important enough to be non-negotiable. Perhaps a particular conversation stumbled onto a sensitive topic today, prompting you to reevaluate your priorities. However, you may be more drawn to reconsider your relationship to the material world. Making small changes to how you manage your money might appear inconsequential now, yet could influence your life for weeks to come. Roy Disney wrote, “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”

If Your Birthday Is Today:

You are compassionate. Fair play and truthfulness are important to you. Something you’ve been involved with for about nine years will end this year. You will scrutinize old values, ideals, and the ideas that you thought were important. This will be a time to be more involved with others. Giving may become more important. Get ready for a fresh, new cycle in your future!

Birthday on May 3:

Rea Garvey, Machiavelli, Bing Crosby, Fernanda Brandão, Christina Hendricks.

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