Around the world: Rice fields in Vietnam. Emerald beauty of terraces

This incredible landscape is nothing else but rice fields in Vietnam. Numerous terraces on the slopes of the picturesque mountains are famous for its unique beauty and grandeur.

During one of his journeys, the photographer Sarawut Intarob took the photos of unique landscape formed by the rice fields in Vietnam. The contrast of dark blue sky, as if it is obscured with haze, and bright emerald step slopes form stunning view that can charm anyone who looks at Intarob’s photos.

Fabulous scenery with neat rounded lines, toy houses are the place of hard work of local farmers. Rice cultivation requires special conditions: hot and humid climate, room for fields’ formation and constant handling of plants. All work is done manually, and the soil is turned up with the help of buffaloes.

In southern China, you can see no less picturesque terraces, where a variety of cereals grows. Each of these field has its own colors, from dark red to snow-white. It is a paradise for photographers.

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