“Little” Earth in the mighty universe

How much do you know about space? Even if your answer is "a lot", still you will like the most interesting facts in the photos.

We offer you to expand your knowledge of what is happening beyond our planet. It is easier to be a tourist than an astronaut. Therefore, to see some of the objects from outer space with your own eyes is virtually impossible.

People like everything that is hardly available. Therefore, the most interesting facts about space presented here will cause a lot of positive emotions. They will both shock and amaze.

It turns out that our planet is very small, many people even have no idea. In comparison with the Saturn or Jupiter it is tiny.

It is also difficult to imagine the size of the Milky Way, the galaxy where the Earth exists. It is really unknown world where all the planets seem dust.

And there are many such examples. Therefore, do not put away precious knowledge for later, and start learning the most shocking truths of our universe.

What do you think?

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