What happens when winter does magic

We would like to show you dizzyingly beautiful pictures on the background of Winter Wonderland. Take a look at the "soul" of the frost season.

When winter comes, it brings a lot of problems. There is no doubt that frost and ice bring damage to the inhabitants of our planet. However, we suggest you looking at the most beautiful pictures of, perhaps, the most terrific time of the year.

Winter is a fairy and witch. Our ancestors sincerely believed that December 4, the Winter itself passes by the houses in a white coat. The breath of this “maid” draws unexplained patterns on the windows of the houses.

Once you take a look at these beautiful photos of winter nature, you will believe in magical abilities of this time of the year.

When the Snow Queen touches the Earth, it creates a fairy tale. And her friends – snow and ice help her with this.

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