Fashion Trends: the most fashionable winter coats for 2015

The world designers presented their winter collections. Fashion trends change, but the material remains the same. Fur coats are still the most popular ones.

We offer all fashionistas and simply those who like fancy clothes to visit our gallery and see what are the latest fashion trends for winter 2015.

Fabulous collections of American and European designers surprise by variety and mix. Couturiers ventured upon a bold move and mixed fur of various animals in one luxurious coat.

Great interpretation of fox and rabbit, astrakhan and sable, mink and chinchilla will warm and make every woman look terrific.

Surely fur coats with eccentric colorful trim became the favorites of the latest collections. There are offered bold combination of patterns, from wild hues to muted ones. Every woman has the opportunity to choose to her taste. This season is not surprising. The color scheme ranges from bright orange fur coats to military camouflage ones.

It is worth noting that the fashion of the 60s remains popular too. Soft pink coats are back. Thus, the color-block effect remains unchanged.

See the gallery with the latest fashion trends for the coming winter. Be in trend!

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