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Daniel Radcliffe stars in new “Now you see me 2”

Daniel Radcliffe drowned himself in work. The actor received a lot of offers to star in a variety of projects, but his busy schedule does not allow to accept all of them.

Daniel Radcliffe stars in new "Now you see me 2"

However, it turned out the ex-Harry Potter still managed to take a couple of weeks to participate in the continuation of the detective thriller about jugglers "Now you see me 2". Daniel will play the son of Michael Caine, who is likely to revenge for his father and try to recover millions stolen from him.

"We"re shooting the continuation of "Now I see you" in London. I"ll be shooting in December and Harry Potter will be my son. I think it will be fun – me and Daniel Radcliffe as father and son", shared his impressions Mr. Caine.

Lionsgate / Summit Entertainment representatives have officially announced that the sequel "Now you see me 2" would appear on the wide screen on June 10, 2016. Mark Ruffalo ("Shutter Island", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"), Jesse Eisenberg ("The Social Network", "Zombieland"), Woody Harrelson ("Seven Pounds", "True Detective"), and David Franco ("Milk", "22 Jump Street") are still the main actors. But Isla Fisher refused the shoot because of her interesting condition – the actress is pregnant with her third child. So far, it is unknown who will substitute Isla.