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Ebola virus: first dose of vaccine against disease received

First dose of vaccine against Ebola virus received.

Ebola virus: first dose of vaccine against disease received

Currently, the haemorrhagic Ebola fever continues to spread. The deathful virus took the lives of nearly 3,500 people. At the same time, the WHO representatives state that the organization received first 1500 doses of the experimental vaccine.

The medicine came from the Canadian authorities, and soon it will be tested in the United States. The medical staff in the countries of West Africa can get at least 1.5 thousand vaccines.

It is also learned that since September in the United Kingdom and the United States there have been carried out the testing of vaccine made to combat the fever.

The WHO suggests that the conclusions concerning dosage, safety and efficacy of the test vaccine will be received by the end of this year. A series of drug tests in West Africa is scheduled for January-February next year.

Earlier, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States reported that according to preliminary estimates, in January next year, the Ebola virus could affect about 1.5 million people. Earlier, President Barack Obama also said that the haemorrhagic Ebola fever is dangerous to all the humanity.

The press service of the UN reported the first case of organization employee contracting Ebola virus. He died in Liberia. As it became known, it was not a foreigner, but a local employee of the UN.

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