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Oppo “hides” N3 camera on side of case

New photo of unannounced Oppo N3 cameraphone.

Oppo "hides" N3 camera on side of case

But a few days ago one more render photo of the flagship not announced at this time has "popped" on the web. It is easy to see that the design of the smartphone on this image is quite different from those options that have been published previously.

Now the handset has a camera rotating mechanism that slides out of the sidewall of the smartphone and is not actually visible in closed position.

Earlier media reported that N3 would be available on the market in several versions with different frame material. One version would be in the case of aluminum-lithium alloy and another one would be made of more traditional stainless steel. Thus, only this feature is able to explain such contradictory renderings.

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