China population partly going to space

China population is increasingly encouraged by the idea of ??tourist flight into space.

China population partly going to space

For example, recently a China resident Sheng posted a photo of $100 thousand Sky Travel ticket on the Internet, which is equal to a third of his annual income. The Chinese plans to spend such a grandiose sum on the most cherished goal of his life – a flight to space. In case of successful realization of the idea Sheng will become one of the first Chinese space tourists in 2016, reports

It is planned that one-person trip to space on the Lynx II spacecraft will take only one day. Space travel will last about six minutes, during which a tourist can get acquainted with the phenomenon of weightlessness.

At the moment, Chinese aviation is growing rapidly. Despite the fact that the end of the aerospace projects is still far away, high-income Chinese managed to book a chance to fly to space.

It is expected that the ticket sales for flights into space will be more active when the first tourist makes the trip and shares his experience. It is noted that people are united by one goal – to look down at the place where they were born, to see how beautiful and huge our planet is. And with the pace of its development China is able to provide flights into orbit.

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