World News: Egyptian monument on Mars

Once again, the Universe overwhelms the world in a strange and even mystical way. On Mars, American archaeologists discovered Egyptian statue.

Egyptian sculptures

A few days ago an American virtual archaeologist Scott Waring found an interesting object on one of the rocky slopes, located on Mars. He immediately posted the photo on the official website of NASA, where an UFO-blogger with his colleagues started investigating curious sculptures, very similar to the Egyptian monument.

NASA officials have provided a video confirming the interesting discovery. The picture clearly shows that the monument looks as if it was intentionally hollowed in the niche of stone rock. Slightly below the Egyptian statues there was found a man-made slab.

Moreover, the archaeologists believe that the material the statue is built of is different from the slope texture. Now the experts are engaged in Martian find in more detail, as these facts may be a confirmation of the fact that life on Mars exists.

Especially considering the fact that earlier on the red planet there have been found objects similar to bones. The pictures of bones were taken with the camera on a boom.

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