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HyperX releases new Savage memory modules

HyperX announced the release of high performance HyperX Savage memory.

HyperX Savage memory module

HyperX Savage will replace the HyperX Genesis product family and will provide a modern PC exterior for fans of modern technology, gamers and content creators. The modules have a black PCB and red asymmetrical aluminum heat spreader. Low profile allows installing the modules with full size CPU fans.

New production deliveries will start this month. HyperX Savage modules support frequency in 1600-2400 MHz range, capacity of 4 GB and 8 GB as separate modules and from 8 GB to 32 GB as two or four-channel kits. High speed increases the productivity and efficiency of the multi-tasking. Intel XMP supports HyperX Savage, which allows end users to easily overclock their systems selecting the appropriate profile without the need for manual configuration in BIOS.

HyperX Savage memory modules have a lifetime warranty, free technical support and legendary reliability peculiar to all Kingston products.