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5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be able to run app in landscape mode

5.5-inch iPhone version, which is expected to be announced at the presentation on Tuesday, will be able to display the number of apps in the landscape mode.

The developer Steven Troughton-Smith found this opportunity in the iOS 8 Simulator.

It is assumed that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 display resolution will be 1472 x 828 pixels (1472×828 in 2x mode or 2208×1242 in 3x mode). Specifying the iOS Simulator appropriate values, the developer found an unusual "behavior" of some of the standard applications.

For example, when you turn the iPhone 5s screen horizontally, the contact list displays the same, but on the iPhone 6 with a display of 5.5 inches, the list is divided into two parts – the list on the left and description of the contact on the right. Similarly, the application runs in the iPad interface.

New contact possibilities

Troughton-Smith says the Apple padfone will display Apple standard programs information in more informative landscape mode. It can be assumed that third-party applications will have the similar opportunity. It turns out that the owners of a larger iPhone will get not just a larger screen, but also the software wisely engaging its dimensions.

The developer does not exclude the possibility that with the advent of iOS 8.1 with split screen, not only iPad owners but also 5.5-inch iPhone 6 users could use this mode.