Facial Recognition System created by Chinese scientists

Facial Recognition System, developed by Chinese researchers will be able to find the difference between different faces, even between twins.

Facial Recognition System created by Chinese scientists

Unique Facial Recognition System can detect the right person in a crowd accurately to within 99.8% from 91 different angles, reports with reference to the researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhou Xi.

In addition, the program can find the differences between identical twins, identify strongly made-up faces, and recognize a person whose face is hidden under clothes.

Zhou Xi says that this kind of Facial Recognition Detector will appear in the form of an app for tablets next year. It is reported that the new technology will recognize faces not only qualitatively but also very fast.

Today the Facial Recognition System is used only in China, but it has already topped the list of the world standards of the Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania, USA).

As you know, the program undertook an "internship", processing 50 million Chinese people, with the assistance of the University of Illinois and the National University of Singapore.

It is assumed that the system will be applied in the airports.

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