Apple plans to buy social network

Apple negotiates for purchasing the social network Path. Soon companies may sign an agreement.

Apple plans to buy social network

It is assumed that the social network Path will be integrated into the Apple system, but so far, it is unknown whether it will remain a separate product or merge with the Apple services completely.

The contract price is confidential, as well as the scheme of calculating the social network purchase price. The representatives of the parties did not comment on the details of the purchase.

The total number of Path users is about 25 million people, the majority of them live in Southeast Asia. In January, the company raised about $400 million during the round to collect investments, although Path expected to get half a billion dollars.

Path is a social network where you can share news, photos and other content with a limited number of people. Friends limit is 150 contacts.

The fact that such a giant as Apple purchases Path can significantly improve the situation of the social network, which has failed to gain much popularity. At the same time, this agreement can benefit Apple, as the company"s previous attempts to enter this market were not successful.

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