Gaps in ozone layer disappear without human interference

The scientists have made a unique discovery: our planet is able to heal itself.

Gaps in the ozone layer disappear

Ozone holes has tightened without the help of people. The main thing is not to interfere with this process.

Recently, the Earth"s atmosphere becomes an important issue. Its thinning leads to ultraviolet radiation increase on the surface of the planet and intensification of its impact. The growth of the annual percentage of cancer cases proves it. In particular, the ozone layer is adversely affected. The researchers have previously made maps of the largest holes location.

Now the scientists decided to explore the gaps in ozone layer in the area of Australia and Oceania. As a result, they have discovered the unique fact: the Earth can "heal" itself. The holes were gradually tightened without any help. The researchers say if people do not interfere with the intensified processes aimed at restoring the protective atmospheric layer, in 50 years over the territory of Australia and Oceania, there will be an integral ozone layer.

Human activity slows down the process when it comes to plants, equipment exhaust and things like that.

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