“Smart” watch with quartz movement

Lonshine Technologies Co presented Halo. According to the manufacturer, the device is the first "smart analogue watch".

"Smart" watch with quartz movement

This wording was based on the fact that the ticking is done with the help of quartz mechanism.

The device has real, analogue watch face with hands and an electronic interface controlled by finger touch, writes

The menu is controlled in a way familiar to all touch devices owners. Under the protective screen, there is a sensor that responds to touch. The developers of Lonshine Technologies substantiated the Halo watch release very convincing: if its mechanical movement runs on a standard watch battery it lasts up to three years.

So far, the device is presented in two variants: a large model with improved battery and more thick one. The "smart" component of Halo is based on the "shortcut" Android. With the help of this watch, you can check the weather, get messages and answer calls. The functionality is limited. Lonshine Technologies is looking for partners for the devise distribution.

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