Following Apple News

In Cupertino, California Apple will hold an event at Flint Center where all comers can watch it on a live stream.

Tim Cook at WWDC on June 2

But what about the context of all those bold pronouncements from Tim Cook and the company? What"s the meaning of it all from outside Apple"s famous "reality distortion field"? That is what will be provided live from the Flint Center, along with the atmosphere in and around this 2,400-seat theater.

Practically everyone expects to see two new iPhones as well as the long-reported iWatch. When will we get our wrists on it? Will Cook further address the theft of photos from celebrity iCloud accounts, the story that rocked the news last week? And just what is built in the  giant mystery white box  right outside the Flint Center? All this will be revealed starting Tuesday at 9 a.m. by the local time.

What do you think?

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