Samsung will release smart glasses in March 2015

Next year, the South Korean company is going to release Gear Blink smart glasses. This device will allow to text messages without using a cell phone with the help of virtual

Samsung smart glasses Smart glasses allow writing messages without a phone

Due to the news about smart watches, we completely forgot that portable devices are not only the gadgets on your wrist. The Korean manufacturer is working on a competitor Google Glass, and it is reported that the release of Samsung Gear Blink smart glasses based on Tizen OS is scheduled for March of the next year.

TizenExperts shared the news in a recent report. The site refers to its unnamed "industry sources", so it is hard to say for sure whether this information is true.

Earlier the rumors claimed that the Samsung smart glasses would be present at September's IFA 2014, but this year the company focused on other mobile devices, including smart watches.

Since this year the announcement of "smart" glasses did not take place, the gadget release date is automatically rescheduled to March (the release of the most significant new products of the Korean company usually takes place in March and October). In addition, in February 2015, Samsung will probably present its new Galaxy S6 smartphone at MWC 2015, so that on this background the March release of Gear Blink smart glasses will make sense.

On the other hand, this information is not officially confirmed, so we should not fully trust the media leak. So just stay tuned.

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