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Curiosity Mars rover reached its main goal

Curiosity rover news: after 2-year travel on the surface of the Red Planet, it has achieved its goal.

Curiosity Mars rover

It was announced by the Planetary Science Division Director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jim Green.

Curiosity Mars rover last news: more than two years ago, it touched the surface of the Red Planet. Its main objective is to collect soil samples to determine its chemical composition and structure. It is reported that Curiosity will start achieving its mission next week.

Aeolis Mons is also unofficially known as Mount Sharp. The diameter of Gale crater on which it is located, is more than 150 kilometers. Green believes that the work done will give the opportunity to get to know Mars better, and will open a new chapter in the study of the mysterious Red Planet. It is planned that the Mars rover"s mission will last two months.

It is known that after Curiosity landed, it was able to study the climate, radiation and the atmosphere of the planet. Previously, thanks to the rover, the scientists were able to discover that once on the Red Planet there were conditions allowing simple microorganisms to survive on Mars.

It is to be recalled that at this stage, the scientists are looking for a place suitable for the new Mars rover"s landing. It is scheduled for 2020.

The new Space Agency"s Mars rovers will be assembled according to the Curiosity model. Their weight will be about a ton, and they will be equipped with six wheels. At this stage, the scientists consider proposals in order to choose the most optimal place for the Mars rover"s landing.