A powerful solar flare threatens Earth

This night a powerful solar flare was recorded. Researchers estimate it the top X class.

The most powerful solar flare threatens Earth

Today, the researchers recorded the most dangerous X Class solar flare. Solar substance separated from the star and now is heading toward Earth. At the moment it is not clear exactly how it will affect our planet, especially electricity, radio, and satellites.

In spite of all, the scene will be striking. The people of Earth was able to see the flash online on the Internet. The video was broadcasted by Slooh telescope, located in the United States. It has been broadcasting it live today starting at 01:00 a. m. by the Eastern American time.

The astronomer Bob Berman says that the researchers are afraid that this could cause huge coronal mass ejections. The last solar flare with the same capacity occurred in 1921 and 1859. But the experts know exactly that this flash will trigger powerful magnetic storms.

The NOAA Space Weather Center employees stated that geomagnetic storms would reach Earth in two or three days. Because of this, it will be possible to watch powerful and impressive northern lights from Earth.

Bob Berman said that the solar flare of such capacity could destroy all electrical networks of the USA. Energy system damage can be 1-2 trillion dollars. The elimination of the consequences may take more than a year, he said.

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