Physicists created graphene-like germanene material out of germanium

Spanish, French and German physicists created graphene-like germanene material out of germanium, writes the New Journal of Physics.

The resulting material has two-dimensional structure that resembles the structure of graphene. The specialists have confirmed their findings with the help of spectroscopy and calculations using density functional.

The journal writes that during the experiments there was used a gold substrate on which germanium was precipitated. Previously platinum was used for this purpose, however, the experts have proposed to replace it with gold, which will reduce production costs and increase its scope. The experts are going to use the new material in quantum computers.

It is to be noted, graphene was discovered a few years ago at the University of Manchester. The material is a two-dimensional crystal – a film of carbon one atom in thickness. Graphene has unique properties which, according to the scientists, can make it a basis for future nanoelectronics and other advanced technologies.

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