NASA Mars rover entered Red Planet orbit

This morning, NASA Mars rover entered the orbit of Mars and will study the planet atmosphere.

NASA Mars rover entered Red Planet orbit

NASA Maven spacecraft entered the Mars orbit. It has been on its way for 10 months and crossed 700 million kilometers. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the spacecraft switched on the braking mode this morning, when it was flying over the north pole of the Red Planet.

The next week, the rover dispatchers will check all the necessary scientific research tools. After that, Maven will begin to probe the upper atmosphere shells of Mars.

According to the scientists, the planet will be able to answer the question, how it could change its warm and humid climate to dry and cold one. The researchers believe that in the past on the planet there could exist different kinds of germs because of the humid climate.

Earlier, the director of NASA planetary exploration, Jim Green reported that the Curiosity rover reached its goal and began to take samples of the soil on the Red Planet. The vehicle will study the atmosphere, radiation and climate.

Presently there is carried out a search for a new place for Mars rover landing. Its arrival is scheduled for 2020.

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