Bigfoot found near Moscow

Bigfoot exists in Russia

Bigfoot found near Moscow

In the United States, many people are very passionate and dream to find a real Bigfoot. It turns out that in Russia people also try hardest to find out whether a snowman or so-called Yeti exists.

One of the Russian researchers Andrei Stroganov claims that he has a proof that this creature exists. Moreover, this creature lives in the Russian forests on the outskirts of Moscow.

According to the researcher, a Bigfoot exists, and it is a cosmopolitan, that is, this being denies its belonging to a particular nation. Stroganov even provided a proof. He presented a piece of tree bark with the traces of a primate.

The engineer and biophysicist adduced another argument – scratches on this piece of wood. According to him, it"s his paw, whose width is 22 centimeters.

Along with this, the researcher believes that it is necessary to examine the Moscow forests more carefully. Stroganov is sure it is possible to find a proof that Yeti was seen in the Chelyabinsk region. A piece of bark will be sent to laboratory where the scientists intend to take DNA test.

Earlier the Russian laboratories have already studied the DNA traces of Yeti. But it turned out it was just bear scratches.

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