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Flying Saucer paralyzed British city

Residents of Portsmouth spotted disc-shaped UFO. Astronomers were not able to determine the origin of the object.

Flying saucers accompanied a plane

The appearance of the UFOs above the city sparked panic among the local residents. According to the British media, a flying saucer in the form of gray disk flew at high speed, so it was difficult to identify it or to compare with the aircraft. At the same time, one of the British managed to take a photo of an UFO and post them on the Web.

As it was stated later in the local Met Office, the object has nothing to do with meteorological phenomena. The members of the Institute of cosmology and gravitation said that it was not an astronomical unit and its origin is unknown to them.

UFO above Portsmouth

On the internet there is a video filmed by a Briton from the aircraft. According to him, an UFO was like a plate with bright lights accompanying the plane for about 5 minutes and then hiding out of sight.

It is to be recalled that another unidentified flying object was seen above the airspace of Spain. The locals filmed a cloud of fire approaching the ground, but as it turned out later, it was just a meteorite, named SPMN070914.