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China sells pads for men

In China, the progress never stands still. But sometimes innovations are on the borderline of genius and insanity.

China sells pads for men

The Chinese manufacturers and inventors like to surprise. For example, the chameleon dress, which disappears as soon as its owner is turned on. This time, the enterprising Chinese decided to make money selling … male pads. Moreover, he even managed to get his first money: almost a hundred dollars.

The fellow students passing military training were the first buyers of the intelligent student. Li Yuanhao decided to use pads not for their intended purpose. Or, the young guy just did not know their purpose at all. By means of intimate hygiene, he suggested his fellow students deal with excess feet sweating.

Knowing that the guys can not fight an unpleasant odor after intense training on their own, Li decided to help his comrades. Of course, not for free. He began to buy pads in bulk, prepare special packaging for them and sell as a special agent to absorb odors. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The Chinese know it like no other.

It should also be noted that in China, men also use pads to deal with the armpit smell. They are glued to the inside of the cloths and absorb unpleasant odor.