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New Digma Plane 10.5 3G Tablet

Digma releases new Digma Plane 10.5 3G tablet standing out through the inclusion of 3G connectivity among the specs and a design format that feels more like a phone than a tablet.

Digma Plane 10.5 3G Tablet

Limited edition with 4-core processor, easy-to-use ANDROID operating system, 10-inch improved IPS-screen and long battery life of new generation.

10-inch tablet line releases new Digma Plane 10.5 3G model, which combines everything you need and even more. Docs processing, easy access to email and spreadsheets and text files wherever you need; ability to download and use textbooks, educational software and apps; comfortable photo and movie viewing with no loss of image quality and more in the Digma Plane 10.5 3G tablet.

The new tablet in a stylish case has a 10.1" IPS-screen with A-grade panel: with no dead pixels and dust.

4-core processor ensures fast start-up and stable operation of the tablet, and the SIM-card slot allows high-speed Internet access throughout the network coverage area of your mobile operator.

Light sensor and capacious lithium 6200 mAh battery of last generation allows using the tablet up to 8 hours without recharging (at 80% load of the system), which is especially important on long trips or flights.

Digma Plane 10.5 3G main technical characteristics:

SIM-card slot and high-speed 3G-internet (up to 21 Mbit/s) for easy web surfing and calls

4-core CPU MTK 8382 Cortex-A7 processor – fast start-up and apps operation

10-inch IPS-display – high image quality, wide viewing angles

6200 mAh capacity battery

GPS module – easy to use the tablet as a navigator without additional software installation

Two cameras for video and photos

MicroSD memory cards – additional memory up to 32 GB