Indian Mars rover for the first time landed on Red Planet

Mars rover Indian scientists reached its goal - the device landed on the surface of Mars. It became the first Indian Mars rover that managed to get to the Red Planet.

Indian Mars rover landed on the Red Planet

Mangalyaan interplanetary station is the cheapest of the stations recently launched. It costs $ 75 million. It took the Mars rover ten months to reach its goal. It was reported by the Indian scientists.

As it became known, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the Mission Control Centre in Bangalore. The experts applauded the news of the rover landing on the Red Planet. At the moment, the engine of the rover is slowed. According to the Prime Minister, Delhi is ready to invest in technology and infrastructure, increasing the speed of the space program of India.

It is to be recalled that in November last year, NASA also sent the Maven Mars rover. However, it was ten times more expensive than the Mars rover of the Indian scientists. Within ten months, the machine has flown more than 700 million kilometers and a few days ago, Maven entered the atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Earlier it was reported that due to such a mission, the American scientists try to understand why and how Mars lost its water and dense atmosphere. Previously, there were reason to believe that a few billion years ago, the shell of the Red Planet was wet and warm. It could create the conditions for the existence of various kinds of microbes. Currently, the shell of the Red Planet is dry and very irritated.

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