Men defined female attractiveness peak

Men defined the female age when women reach the peak of their attractiveness.

Men defined female attractiveness peak

All ages of female beauty are attractive and beautiful in their own way, but still men managed to define the time when women's beauty reaches the peak of its perfection – 24-25 years. According to men, too young ladies does not have the special feminine charm, and older women, probably do not have a high level of attractiveness.

The examination was conducted by the scientists from Finland. They interviewed 12 500 respondents. The results show that men prefer 24-25 year old women – it is more like the call of nature, rather than any specific "taste".

At this age, the female body reaches its peak of maturity and maximum fertility. The body is ready for fertilization and healthy gene transfer. Despite all the doctors assurances that the it is easier for the woman's body to go through the first birth giving earlier, the age limit of 24-25 years is much more optimal than, say, 19 or 20. But the age of 27-30 years is late age for first child.

As to 18-50 year old women, they are attracted to 23-27 year old men. In fact, it is logical too. They are more experienced partners and are fully prepared for relationships.

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