Pterosaur fossils named after the dragon from Avatar

Scientists from the Paleontological Institute in Beijing have discovered a new type of prehistoric flying reptiles that resemble Ikrans from the Avatar movie.

Pterosaur fossils named after the dragon from Avatar

Therefore, it is natural that the pterosaur fossils, bones of which were found in the northeast of China, got the name of Ikranodraco Avatar.

The wingspan of the raptor reached two and a half meters, most likely its teeth were placed at the end of the "beak" typical for the representatives of this type, and this leads to the conclusion that fish was the basis of its diet, which it deftly snatched out of the water.

It is to be recalled, that the Ikrans participated in the ceremony of initialization of the Na"vi tribe hunters and then served them as an air "vehicle" for the whole life.

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