Social Networks: what will Facebook give way to?

Social Networks: the popular global giant Facebook could sink into oblivion. It can be replaced by a new social network with no ads.


According to the foreign media, a few days ago in San Francisco there was launched a new social network that can become a strong competitor to the current leader Facebook.

The new Ello social network is in beta stage and still has many defects. For these purposes, the developers have invited 31 thousand users, but soon they had to suspend the registration because of the large number of applicants.

It is worth noting that Ello was created as a counter to Facebook. The designer and creator of the popular western company Kidrobot, specializing in the production of designer toys and dolls, Paul Bandits was working on the concept. Ello is positioning itself as "a network with a manifesto and a social conscience". The logo is made in minimalist style: a black circle with a smile.

The creators also position the social network as a tool for empowerment, not a means of deception, coercion and manipulation. According to its developers, the users will find the joy of life and creation on Ello pages.

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