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Curiosity Mars rover took photo of unknown “angel with wings”

Scientists discovered a strange creature that looks like an angel with wings on the surface of Mars. It remains a mystery what exactly the Curiosity Mars rover saw.

Curiosity Mars rover took photo of unknown "angel with wings"

The American Curiosity Mars rover conveyed new information to the Earth. A new video the unit managed to capture on the surface of the Red Planet has made a sensation in the world of scientists.

It turned out to be an alien creature, which shines brightly and has wings like an angel. The Mars rover captured the creature resembling an alien on the surface near the crater.

As it turned out, the pictures were made in May last year, but have only recently become available to the public. Scientists are still breaking their heads over the question what exactly the rover photographed on the surface of Mars, and can not come to a consensus. At the same time, the NASA experts claim that an alien creature is just a trick of the light. NASA suggests that the cameras of the Curiosity Mars rover managed to capture a flash of light or lens flare.

It is to be recalled that the American Mars rover has run on the surface of Mars for two years in a row. In early 2014, Curiosity made first man-made hole and took soil samples on the surface of the Red Planet. Interestingly, the Curiosity Mars rover is equipped with a large number of high-tech devices, among which there is also the Russian-made DAN device.