Scientists say first Mars settlers will live on planet more than 2 months

The first settlers reaching Mars within the Mars One project, will die either during the flight, or on the 68 day of stay on the Red Planet. Such conclusions were made ??by the scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Scientists find that first Mars settlers can live on planet more than 2 months

The researchers analyzed the project data and the technological basis for the creation of life conditions on the planet and came to the conclusion that so far, there are no such devices, which would fully ensure the colonization of Mars.

In particular, the researchers found that the plants, which will give the colonists food cannot provide them with oxygen in the right amount, and the technology of atmosphere normalization is not sufficiently developed.

According to the scientists, the colonization of Mars will fail, as the settlers will depend on the devices, which cost $ 4.5 billion, and this figure will grow.

It is to be recalled that the Mars One project was founded by the Dutchman Bas Lansdorp in 2010. The mission's plan is to send the participants to Mars one way. In 2013-2014, about 200 000 people from 107 countries applied for participation in the project. 199 000 applications were deselected.

However, the scholars more often criticize the project. Some call this mission a fraud, because the estimated cost of the first expedition was $ 6 billion, the next ones – $ 4 billion. Others think the idea is absurd, since, in their opinion, people will not reach Mars, as they will die during the flight.

Scientists have previously said about the failure of this mission. For example, some believe that people will die in space, even before reaching Mars.

In 2018, it is planned to launch the first drone, which will choose a place for building a colony. If everything goes well, the first mission of the colonists can be sent in 2024, with four pilots on board.

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