Microsoft brings Docker containers on Windows Server

Docker Virtualization technology garners support of Microsoft: its programmers together with the creators of the technology began to work on the implementation of container system for Windows Server.

Microsoft brings Docker containers on Windows Server

Until now, the Docker technology run only on Linux. The partners will create Docker Engine version, which will run on Windows and Microsoft Azure cloud.

According to the developers, eventually it will be possible to build distributed systems using both Windows and Linux under a single architecture. The Azure cloud has had the ability to run on Docker Linux-containers since June. Like the Linux version, the one for Windows Server is created within an open source project.

Docker containers developed for Linux applications on Windows Server can not work without emulation nor vice versa. But in terms of functionality the Windows Server version will have the same features as the Linux version, which will allow for both versions to be managed and orchestrated through the same set of controls.

Docker will also set up a location within Docker Hub to store Windows containers. The repository now hosts 45,000 Linux-based Docker containers. The two companies will also provide a connection between Docker Hub and the Windows Azure service.

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