Solar flares: powerful activity will have negative impact on Earth

Recently, solar flares become more frequent and powerful. The last one occurred yesterday.

Solar flares: powerful activity will have negative impact on Earth

To date, solar flares are common phenomena. But, the researchers report that they have become more powerful. Yesterday there was recorded an intense X1-class flash. At the moment, scientists do not predict magnetic storms. The reason for this is active AR 2192 region, which led to this outbreak. At that time, it was not in geoeffective position.

Kosmos-x reports that the risk of negative influence of the Sun on the Earth has increased. The active AR 2192 region continues to move toward the center of the solar disk, producing flashes. It can lead to unforeseen incidents on the Earth.

It is to be recalled that solar flares are divided into A, B, C, M and X classes, depending on the intensity of     X-ray radiation. Each subsequent letter indicates that the "explosion" is increased tenfold. X class is the most powerful one.

When solar ejection reaches the planet, it affects its magnetosphere, which leads to different changes in space weather. Such effects include the northern lights, the impact on the power system of the world, as well as on the device control system in space.

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