Scientists develop a test that defines whether person has Ebola in 15 minutes

In France, there have been developed a test that can tell whether a person is sick with Ebola or not in 15 minutes.

Scientists develop a test that defines whether person has Ebola in 15 minutes

Ebola makes scientists find new methods to detect the virus in the body. The new test is similar to the pregnancy test: it needs a few drops of blood or urine, and the sensitive surface will show one or two lines, depending on whether the result is positive or negative. The test was developed in the Lyon laboratory.

According to the project head manager, Laurent Bellanger, this test is for public use in areas where the disease is common. It quickly shows the result and will help to monitor people in the places where they live, where they are in direct contact with the virus, better.

The first copies of the rapid test will be sent to West Africa at the end of this month.

It is to be recalled that thanks to treatment Ebola left another patient in the United States. The man wished to remain anonymous. He left the medical center and no longer poses a danger to others.

A Spanish nurse has been cured of Ebola too. She contracted the virus during treatment of the priest, who had returned from the affected areas in West Africa.

Along with this, the World Health Organization announced positive news too. According to them, Nigeria managed to win the fever. During the last six weeks, there were no new cases of infection in the country.

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