Xiaomi becomes one of the largest smartphone manufacturers

According to IHS iSuppli, Xiaomi takes third place among the world"s largest smartphone manufacturers.

Xiaomi becomes one of the largest smartphone manufacturers

Counting smartphones (or other devices) sold worldwide is a thankless task. Each manufacturer can know how many devices he sold, but the third-party analytics companies can be mistaken.

So, just a week ago TrendForce published a report for the third quarter of this year, saying that within this time there were sold 310 million smartphones, and the top five is the following: Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, LG and Huawei.

Now the same source, referring to the IHS iSuppli analysts, says that according to the results of the last quarter, Xiaomi takes the third place. The company has sold 19 million smartphones. It is more than Huawei with 16.8 million, but, according to the results of TrendForce, Lenovo sold about 23.9 million devices (7.7% of 310 million). Thus, once again the data provided confirm that sometimes the calculations of the analysts can be far from reality.

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