Russian astronomers discover new dangerous asteroid

Russian astronomers have discovered a new asteroid potentially dangerous for the Earth.

Russian astronomers discover new dangerous asteroid

The Russian only robotic telescope net called 'Master' has discovered a hazardous asteroid of more than 370 meters. That is, it is bigger than the famous Apophis asteroid, said the press service of the Moscow State University.

Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid, discovered in 2004 in the Observatory in Arizona. Its diameter is about 325 meters.

The new space object was named 2014 UR116. It became the third asteroid discovered by the Master robotic telescope net.

If this bolide hits the Earth, the power of the explosion may significantly exceed the explosion of Chelyabinsk meteorite with a diameter estimated at about 17 meters. However, the probability of collision of this object with the Earth is not reported.

Lomonosov Moscow State University in collaboration with three domestic universities (Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, and Blagoveshchensk Pedagogical University), Kislovodsk Station of the Pulkovo Observatory and the University of San Juan (Argentina) take part in the project of Master robotic telescopes.

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