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US scientists claim that parallel worlds exist

Today, many works of science fiction tell its readers about the coexistence of several worlds. While we continue to enjoy the stories about fictional unrealistic characters coming into our world, scientists from the US and Australia are already trumpeting that parallel worlds do exist.

US scientists claim that parallel worlds exist

American and Australian researchers have presented a new vision of the world quantum mechanics. However, this is just another hypothesis. All the scientists' assumption have to be proven.

The research was conducted by the physics from the University of California, together with the scientists from Griffith University in Australia. They suggested that the parallel worlds not only exist, but also actively interact with each other. The researchers published the results of their work in the scientific magazine Physical Review X.

One of the authors of the scientific paper is an expert on quantum mechanics Howard Wiseman from Australia. Together with his colleagues Michael Hall and Dirk-Andre Deckert he argues that our universe is not the only one in the world. According to their hypothesis, there exist other universes, having very strong resemblance to our universe, and those that are radically different.

The researchers believe that the existing parallel worlds are not completely closed from each other, and they constantly interact. In their opinion, these worlds come into contact with each other from time to time, thus creating quantum phenomena.

The authors of the resonant statement believe that this hypothesis could explain the discrepancy between the Einstein and quantum physics they have been trying to figure out for several decades. If they manage to verify all the assumptions, this hypothesis will be an important step in the creation of a "theory of everything".