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Google creates “smart” pill defining diagnosis

Google X Lab will create a special pill that will determine the diagnosis. The tablet will show whether a person has health problems.

Google creates "smart" pill defining diagnosis  The latest technology news suggest that Google X laboratory started to develop unique gadgets again. At this time, it is planned to create a universal pill that will help to identify the disease in the human body and to make a diagnosis, reports joinfo.ua.

The pill is aimed to determine whether there are cancer cells in the body or whether a heart attack is likely, and to identify other possible health problems. After collecting the information, the pill can be immediately sent to a doctor over the Internet.

The effect of this "medicine" is unique due to the fact that the surface of the tablet is coated with antibodies and nanoparticles of magnetic material. They may react on contact with specific cells.

Therefore, when a person swallows the pill, it goes into the blood vessels, where it starts analyzing cells in the body. A special portable device will help to read the information. It is attached to the body.

At it's not all. It is to be recalled that at this stage, Google also creates "smart" contact lens. With the help of it, a person will be able to know the level of glucose in the body.

These "smart" lenses have wireless chip and microscopic glucose detector built in the device. This invention will be very useful for diabetics.