Make important decisions being hungry

Dutch scientists believe that if you have to make important decisions, it is better not to eat up than to overeat.

Make important decisions being hungry

Scientists from the University of Utrecht have come to the conclusion that more reasonable and rational decisions are made on empty stomach. It was confirmed by an experiment with students invited.

According to the first condition of participation in the experiment, the students did not have dinner. The next morning, some students did not have breakfast. And then sated the hungry students were offered to solve a series of tests. Hungry students coped with the task better and faster than those who ate breakfast.

So if you want to make reasonable solution of the problem, it is better to wait a few hours after eating. After hunger, there goes the ability to think quickly and more efficiently.

And if you listen to the advice of the Canadian scientists who believe that it is easier to think in the dark, you can also turn off the light for a perfectly correct decision.

But when it comes to family squabbles, then it is better to break the dishes after meals. Hungry lovers become irritable and can find any reason for quarrel in any detail.

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