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Android robot creates furor in Japan

A unique ultramodern model of humanoid robot was demonstrated during the last Tokyo Designers Week exhibition, which ended in Tokyo on November 3 and has become one of the main current news of science and technology.

Android robot creates furor in Japan

Crowds of people gathered around the stand, where there was shown the robot totally resembling a girl-teenager, informs joinfo.ua.

A representative of A-Lab Company Tomohiro Okada said that the android robot is named Asuna. It looks absolutely like a real human. The android has even mimics worked out and it knows how to react to what is happening nearby. The android has a video camera installed behind it, which focuses on the face of the person talking to Asuna. It allows the android to "respond" to the speech it hears.

It is noteworthy that the robot girl is able to communicate in two languages – English and Japanese.

The company-developer of Asuna says they are not ready to rest and they are going to improve their development. A-Lab representatives claim that such robots can be used for advertising campaigns, for example, to invite visitors to the store.